Stop Email Overload. We can help.

It’s a Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Today’s knowledge workers and managers waste some 20% of their time on unnecessary emails and the related non-stop interruptions. That’s one day a week. Now, everybody would prefer that there be less emails; yet nobody dares to be to be the first to send less of them.

This paradox illustrates the complexity of information overload. It isn’t about technology; it’s about an organization’s culture – about communication, trust (or its lack), and psychology. Invariably so.

It takes determination to stop email overload!

How about you? Here, take this four-question test:

  1. Do you process email at night? In the weekend?
  2. When you speak in a meeting, do other attendees stare at their screens with a glazed look?
  3. If you took a week’s vacation, would you read work email during this time? (How many messages would await you on your return if you didn’t?)
  4. Do you respond to your BlackBerry beeping during a one on one meeting? A family dinner?

See the problem? (If you answered “No” to every question, you are either very smart or very lucky – and please write us to share how you do it!)

We have solutions.

We know how Information Overload can be managed; how you and your employees can regain your productivity and focus; how you can get your life back.

Nathan Zeldes has been helping organizations achieve this goal since 1994, the first person to have identified and addressed the issue in a wide corporate context. The solutions he’s invented and implemented have been used successfully both in small teams and in global corporations. His main focus, grounded in his years as a visionary driver of change in a major Fortune 500, is on systemic organizational solutions. As the founder and president of the Information Overload Research Group, he has visibility into the latest research, tools and solutions. He can help you identify the solutions that will best fit the culture and needs of your group, whatever its size.

We offer you four levels of assistance in this space:

  • Tips and resources you can use now. This site offers you many resources that will help you address your own email load to create an immediate positive change in your life!

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  • Information Overload awareness lecture. In this lively presentation Nathan will share with your people the latest understanding of information overload, its effects, its root causes, and the ROI in solving it . He will then describe the range of solutions applied at leading companies in this field. A selection of personal strategies and tips is included as well, and many people tell us later that this had made a real difference in the way they manage their life on and off the job. This lecture is suited for organizations that are aware of having a problem but not yet ready to embark on a top-down solution effort. It will lay the groundwork for a change by creating awareness, giving people the motivation and knowledge to try doing something at a personal, grassroots level.

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  • Jump Start management session. This is a focused 2-hour meeting with your management staff, held on your premises. In it, Nathan will give you the insight you need to define and lead a successful solution process in your company, which will restore productivity and sanity to your workforce. He will get you to the point where you can make informed decisions and see them through to successful outcomes.If you’re ready to implement a top-down solution process, this is your best move. In spending time with the leading expert on organizational Information Overload, your management team does indeed get a jump start by learning what others have done, what worked and what didn’t (and why), what the critical success factors are, and what their role will be in leading to success the solution drive they define.

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  • Consulting during a solution program. Nathan will be happy to assist your company in designing and deploying solution programs to mitigate IO. Details can vary, but typically a management staff might decide, following the Jump Start session, to appoint a task force that will identify and drive the next steps; Nathan can help by joining this task force as a trusted adviser, or by coaching its leader. In either case, his experience and insight will prove to be invaluable.

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Think you could benefit from expert help as you lead your group to stamp out  the #1 productivity killer in today’s enterprise world?

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