Technical Leadership Development. Excellent engineers need to be nurtured.

Most organizations have development programs for managers; few pay similar attention to “Individual Contributors” – professionals who prefer to pursue a career of technological excellence. The usual outcome is that the latter lose faith and either switch to the management track to become frustrated mediocre managers, or leave the organization with their know-how.

Nathan Zeldes has two unique qualifications to help your company develop an exuberant career ladder for individual engineers. First, he was himself an early test case at Intel, having moved from management to the IC track and navigated an exemplary career in it. Second, as a Principal Engineer he’d personally initiated and led the creation of an “IT Technical Community” of  3000 engineers, working with IT management and HR to develop conferences, training courses and a vibrant global conversation.

Nathan can help you by:

  • Collaborating with your HR group to develop a successful technical career path.
  • Delivering lectures grounded in his personal experience that shatter the inevitable mistrust your engineers have around such a path.
  • Coaching workshops designed to develop technical leaders.
  • Defining a formal mentoring program.
  • Integrating these elements into an optimized whole that will morph your technical leaders into a proud community whose members help each other while developing to their full potential.

He’s been there, done that – he can help you do it too.

Invite Nathan to discuss how!