Consulting. Putting our heads together.

Nathan Zeldes works with knowledge-based organizations to help them improve employee and team productivity and streamline core processes in today’s complex, dynamic workplace environment.

Consulting with Nathan can take many forms:

  • Participation in work groups and task forces
  • One to one executive coaching and mentoring
  • Facilitation of organizational change processes
  • Design and/or delivery of employee workshops
  • Remote consulting over phone and web channels.

Objectives Nathan can help you achieve include:

  • Regain the time lost to Information Overload in your organization
  • Adapt the latest Web 2.0 advances to fuel your group’s success
  • Make your group a hotspot of employee Innovation
  • Turn your technical leaders into a proud professional community
  • Turn meetings into powerful tools instead of Dilbertesque time sinks
  • Empower global distributed teams to collaborate despite the barriers
  • Implement Telecommuting and improve Work/Life Balance
  • Be prepared for the Multi-Generational Workplace of the future

Not sure? Invite Nathan to discuss how he can help you!