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If there’s one thing we all know, it is that there’s too much information these days about any subject – including Information Overload! To help you avoid the deluge, here are some resources Nathan recommends as a way to start exploring this fascinating domain.

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Productivity Tips

Key research articles

  • Insight Articles by Nathan on this site.
  • Infomania: why we can’t afford to ignore it any longer, N. Zeldes, D. Sward, S. Louchheim, First Monday, vol. 12, No. 8 (8/2007) (link)
    >> This is a definitive compilation of the harmful effects of email overload and interruptions to the enterprise, including a comprehensive bibliography of supporting research.
  • T. Amabile, C.N. Hadley, and S.J. Kramer, 2002. “Creativity Under the Gun,” Special Issue on The Innovative Enterprise: Turning Ideas into Profits, Harvard Business Review, volume 80, number 8 (August), pp. 52–61.
    >> A study that proves the inverse correlation of workday interruptions with creativity in the output of knowledge workers.
  • Basex, Inc., 2005. “The cost of not paying attention: How interruptions impact knowledge worker productivity”.
    >>The original study that quantified the per annum cost of interruptions to the US economy at $588 billion (the number has climbed to close to a trillion since then).
  • V. Gonzalez and G. Mark, 2004. “Constant, Constant, Multi–tasking Craziness: Managing Multiple Working Spheres,” Proceedings of ACM CHI’04, pp. 113–120 (link).
    >> A field study of knowledge workers’ daily routine that found we stop what we do due to interruptions every three minutes on average.

Media articles

Books of interest

  • The Activity Illusion, by Ian Price (Amazon)
  • Overload! How Too Much Information is Hazardous to your Organization, by Jonathan B. Spira (Amazon)
  • Finding Time: How Corporations, Individuals, and Families Can Benefit from New Work Practices, by Leslie Perlow (Amazon)
  • Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age, by Maggie Jackson (Amazon)
  • Bit Literacy: Productivity in the Age of Information and E-mail Overload, by Mark Hurst (Amazon)

Interesting Web Sites and blogs

Software tools worth checking

  • ClearContext IMS – a powerful Outlook add-on for personal Inbox prioritization, and more.
  • Seriosity Attent – an experimental system for introducing an “attention economy” to email
  • Gmail Priority Inbox – a Gmail feature that prioritizes your incoming mail.
  • Knowmail – a state of the art personal assistant for effective email handling.
  • AwayFind – a tool that allows you to read email less frequently and still be reachable.

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