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Nathan Zeldes has helped many startups solve problems over the years – as a mentor in Intel’s startup incubator, as an advisor to Intel’s VC arm, as a resident UX advisor in an Internet startup, as an advisory board member, and as a willing friend to the many entrepreneurs who sought his advice on their product design or business plan. He was always pleasantly surprised at the fertile interactions that resulted. Startups – the better ones, anyway – are incredible hot spots of ingenuity and skill; but evidently they can still benefit from the kind of insight and experience that can come from a long, varied career at the junction of technology, user behavior and business practice.

Here is what Nathan has been doing for them, and can do for you:

  • Help improve and streamline your product’s design, notably in the areas of user experience and usage model. Many a product out there carry Nathan’s imprint…
  • Provide feedback to improve your business plan, product positioning and marketing strategy.
  • Help you present the product to investors and customers.
  • Provide guidance on adapting the product for enterprise use, and advice on navigating  the challenges of getting enterprises to actually buy it.
  • Mentor, one to one, any CXO of your startup on the tactical or strategic aspects of their challenging role.
  • Help you define the effective planning, teamwork and management processes that larger companies take for granted. In other words, help you evolve a viable company culture right from the start.
  • Last but not least: whenever you brainstorm and discuss key matters, bring to the table rich experience and a different, “outside” point of view. This turns out to be quite useful!

Note that Nathan is not in this primarily as a fund raising consultant. He may be able to introduce you around, but his main value will be inside your operation, not as an external liaison.

Of course, every startup is differentInvite Nathan to meet and discuss how he can help yours!


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