Nathan Zeldes is a globally recognized thought leader in the search for improved knowledge worker productivity. After a 26 year career as a manager and principal engineer at Intel Corporation, he now helps organizations solve core problems at the intersection of information technology and human behavior.

Explore this site to find how Nathan can help your group excel in today’s complex, hyperactive, and often exasperating workplace reality.

Stop Email Overload!

Stop Email Overload!
Restore productivity and sanity to your workforce. Schedule a focused meeting with your management staff, where Nathan will give you the insight you need to define and lead a successful solution.
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Abacus and Computer Chip

Innovation with a Twist
Start your Innovation drive with a unique lecture where Nathan will use the fascinating history of computing in the past 2000 years to drive home central lessons related to enabling Innovation.
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Nathan’s Other web site
For a short respite from work, you might enjoy the online exhibition of Nathan’s history of computing collection, interesting articles, freeware, and the “Commonsense design” blog on his personal hobby site.
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If you find the work described here interesting, or relevant to your own problems, and would like to do some exploring together – let’s meet and talk. There’s no telling where this may lead!
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Yes, it IS Information Overload, Clay Shirky

You can see it on Twitter every day, years after he had coined it: Clay Shirky’s famous Filter Failure meme, “It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure”.

It’s catchy. It’s thought-provoking. And yet, I believe, it’s misleading…
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Online Silence and Trust

Commentary on the implications of the research of Dr. Yoram Kalman about Online Silence. This is the phenomenon, so familiar to us all, where you send an email to a person and no reply comes back. After a few days you get restless and resend; often this will remain of no avail. Meanwhile trust is eroded…
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Email Overload and The Little Prince

Email Overload is one affliction that people accept more or less willingly. Nobody’s holding a gun to their head, after all. So why are knowledge workers doing this to themselves? Here is some insight from an analogy to the businessman in “The little prince”.
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