Social Media adoption in the enterprise. Facebook and Twitter and blogs, oh my!

Blue birds on a wire

Social Media are arriving at the workplace, carried in triumphantly by young, bright, and often irreverent Gen Y employees. While many organizations are busy adopting Facebook and Twitter for “official” use by their PR folks, the young employees use their personal Facebook accounts at work for both personal and work-related purposes. This new behavior carries wonderful new opportunities along with serious risks; many companies are uncertain how to harness the former while controlling the latter, and some ban the new media outright, a dangerous choice.

Nathan Zeldes has a unique advantage in bridging the generational gap responsible for this dissonance. Facilitating the responsible adoption of leading edge network technology in a corporate milieu has been his calling and his job description for over 15 years. As an avid geek, he totally gets the new media. As an expert in workplace paradigms, he understands the essence of Gen Y people and their interaction with their Boomer and Gen X coworkers. And as a veteran manager in a Fortune 500, he certainly recognizes the concerns managers have with the changing nature of work.

Leveraging the lessons of the past and a clear vision of the workplace of the future, Nathan will work with you to help navigate the process of identifying the key issues, deciding on a plan, engaging the three main employee cohorts and crafting a policy and adoption process for integrating employee use of Social Networks, Blogs and other online channels into their – and your – workplace. And a fascinating journey it can be!

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