Your Challenge. Nathan can help.

It used to be so simple…

Work was work. Home was home. There was no Internet and no email. Management meant making sure people knew what to do, didn’t slack and were on the premises 9 to 5.

Not any more.  Today, people of three very different generations all work anytime, anywhere, doing their job – or surfing the web – or innovating – or posting on Facebook – or… and Management involves navigating complex, mission-critical challenges that were undreamt-of 20 years ago.

This is why you need someone like Nathan Zeldes, whose mission and passion these 20 years have been predicting, understanding and helping companies solve tough problems such as:

Can and string telephone Enabling effective communications in the face of the flood of email and information that has become the nightmare of knowledge workers (that’s YOU) the world over.
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LCD Projector Triggering your employees’ imagination and creativity by delivering inspiring, unforgettable lectures about Innovation, Technology, the Engineering vocation, and more.
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iPod MP3 player Integrating your amazing, Facebook-ready Gen Y employees into a multi-generational workforce capable of excelling in today’s hyper-connected world.
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Soldering iron Creating a viable technical leadership path that will develop your best engineers into a strategic force that can partner with management to drive the company’s future success.
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 Gizmo Another Technology x Behavior challenge keeping you awake at night? Exploring it with Nathan may be your best move.
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