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Thoughts on the Pew Report on Information Overload

Posted on January 20th, 2017 · Posted in Analysis and Opinion

The news about a report from the Pew Research Center drew some media attention recently. Pew surveyed the American public and found that Information Overload is not a big deal! Specifically, they found that: Some 20% of the surveyed adults in the U.S. say they feel overloaded by information, a decline from the 27% figure from a decade earlier. 77% of them told Pew that they like having so much information at their fingertips. 67% say that having more information at their fingertips actually helps to simplify their lives! 79% say that having a lot of information makes them feel.. Read more

Making the case against Information Overload: a resource compilation

Posted on October 20th, 2009 · Posted in Impact and Symptoms

Solving Information Overload in an enterprise is difficult enough; but before you ever get there, you need to convince management that they want to solve it. This would seem a no-brainer: managers are the worst hit when it comes to excessive email, so you’d think they’d jump at a proposal to solve the problem; and some, indeed, do. Many, however, fail to realize just how high the price is that their organization pays for the flood of messaging; and when I was working for Intel, whose culture asserts  that Data rules supreme, I had to bring data substantiating that price… Read more