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What Can We Do About our Teens’ Smartphone Addiction?

Posted on December 30th, 2017 · Posted in Analysis and Opinion, Impact and Symptoms

An interesting audience question I had just finished delivering my lecture on Information Overload at a hi-tech company and was taking comments from the usual group of attendees that approach me after everyone else has left – these are usually the best comments, since they come from people interested enough to stay and wait their turn. And this time I had a surprise. A man asked me whether I give such lectures in schools, targeting kids in their mid to late teens. These are the members of Generation Z (what will we do next, one wonders, now that we’ve run.. Read more

New Insight Article: How a Hi-Tech Company Can Engage in K-12 Education

Posted on July 10th, 2013 · Posted in Analysis and Opinion

One of the most praiseworthy things a company can do is help nurture the next generation of the communities in which it operates, by engaging in K-12 – especially school age – educational activity. There are numerous ways to do this, starting with simple money donations and ending with sophisticated, lively joint activities that apply the company’s people to do good in the local or national education system. Over the years I’ve been involved in K-12 programs in numerous ways, from when I took charge of creating Intel’s college relations activity in Israel in the early 90’s, through personal action.. Read more