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Startup Innovation: an Automatic Presentation Skills Coach!

Posted on June 26th, 2013 · Posted in Startups

Startup innovation knows no bounds Living here in Startup Nation, and having worked with and been around startups for much of my life, you’d think I’d grow used to these little powerhouses of innovation. And yet they always manage to surprise me, with an endless stream of innovative ideas and applications. Perhaps my favorite kind of startup is one that takes existing technology and applies it to make something completely different. Recently I went to the Innovation Day fair of StarTau, Tel Aviv University’s entrepreneurship center, where they teach students to become Entrepreneurs (and Intrapreneurs – I actually lecture there.. Read more

Dissent and Acceptable Cost for an Information Overload Solution

Posted on June 21st, 2013 · Posted in Organizational Solutions

A different cost concept When I say “acceptable cost”, you might think I mean how many dollars and dimes you should be willing to invest in an Information Overload Solution, whether it’s a software tool or a training intervention. That is not our subject, however; besides, any attempt to do an ROI calculation is bound to show that practically any cost is worth investing – the damage of Information Overload to both individuals and companies is so huge, that any solution that will solve even 10% of the problem is worth its weight in gold. See this detailed calculation for.. Read more

New Insight Article: Fostering Company Soul Through Internal Company Exhibits

Posted on June 12th, 2013 · Posted in Analysis and Opinion

Creating educational exhibitions has always been a fascination of mine (in fact, since I left the cube farm and became free to choose my consulting work, I’ve been engaged in creating three exhibitions, and counting). So it was only natural that throughout my career, wherever I worked I ended up driving the creation of the local exhibit showcasing our technology and our company to visitors and employees alike. I firmly believe that the internal type of exhibition can play an important role in maintaining and fostering the organizational culture, and in this new insight article I share my reasoning –.. Read more

BrainYno: the Ultimate Solution to Information Overload?

Posted on June 5th, 2013 · Posted in Individual Solutions

The holy grail of Information Overload solutions Interruptions are a major component of Information Overload (indeed, they cause more harm than the rightly reviled second component, email overload, as I’d shown here). However, we’ve known for years that not all interruptions are created equal: the damage depends on the context. An unrelated phone call while you’re taking an exam certainly does more harm than one when you’re slouching in front of the TV. Microsoft Research had developed a wonderful application some years ago called Priorities, which looks at every aspect of a knowledge worker’s attentional context to determine whether to.. Read more