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Some powerful role modeling

Posted on August 25th, 2011 · Posted in Organizational Solutions

Here is a wonderful example of how a manager can drive the battle on Information Overload in person. A manager of a large tech company told me that he is personally very intent on making his company “quiet” in the direct sense of doing away with the endless ringing and loud conversations that the ubiquitous use of cellphones has brought into the open office spaces in his plant. This is of course wise, because the constant distraction by the phones of one’s coworkers is known to be a major disruptive factor in creative thinking, productivity and quality of work. So.. Read more

Now, Facebook has its medals!

Posted on August 15th, 2011 · Posted in Analysis and Opinion, Off-topic

One common response to mention of Facebook among the Gen X and Baby Boomer (in other words, over 30) crowd is the disdainful “Why would I want people to know what I had for breakfast?!”  Use of Facebook, these people declare, is shallow and silly. Now, it is true that many people – and not just youngsters – post to their Facebook stream rather unimportant  snippets from their daily routine; and their Friends on the service can ignore it or react to it with equally inane comments. But that’s hardly unique to Facebook; people getting together in a bar or.. Read more

The unsung heroes of Information Overload

Posted on August 3rd, 2011 · Posted in Analysis and Opinion, Organizational Solutions

By now there are many people out there helping others to cope with, and mitigate, information overload. Some, like me in my  previous career as an Intel Principal Engineer, do it because it’s their job and helps their employer. Others, like me in my current consulting career, do it to help our clients. Either way, it’s always been my passion, but you could argue that it’s also a living, and that’s true: we get paid to apply our knowledge and skills on behalf of the companies we help out. But there is a third type of people who act against.. Read more