Testimonials. What people say.

“Nathan is one of the most innovative / out of the box thinkers I have worked with during my career. Nathan has a unique capability to take an idea or a concept, to make it into a real program, and later on make it happen.”– Eitan Ramati, CEO, Emza Visual Sense
“I’ve worked with Nathan when he’d helped us launch and navigate Ceragon’s program to reduce email overload and streamline communications among our global workforce. His insight and experience played a key role as he advised us through problem analysis, solution definition, and the management of the program, which has achieved a lasting positive change in the way our people work and interact. Throughout this process I’ve found Nathan to be very professional; I recommend him warmly as an expert in his field and a good partner in improving employee effectiveness.”– Avi Dayan, VP IT, Ceragon Networks
“It is always a pleasure to attend Nathan’s lectures; they are fascinating, delivered in an amusing and humanistic way, based on unequalled first-hand experience, and express his curiosity and enthusiasm for science. Working during the last 26 years for a world leading company, Intel, he often dealt with cutting edge, innovative technologies, and this turns his lecture into a ‘one of a kind’ event… he sure knows how to tell you a complex story in a simple charming way. Whenever I could, I invited Nathan to speak – and the audience always asked for more…”– Tchiya Allon, Technology Training Manager, Applied Materials
“Nathan is my partner in driving our strategic effort to explore integration of advanced social technology into our future customer facing services. Over the past year he’s assumed the dual role of change process facilitator and innovative idea source, helping me keep this unusual program on track. The combination of knowledge, innovative thought and people skills has made him a valuable resource to my team, and I gladly recommend him as a consultant and change facilitator.”– Itai Rotem, SAP Projects Manager, Colmobil
“We’ve been working with Nathan at my startup Unified Inbox where he mentored the founders about Information Overload, Business Processes and Email Collaboration. Nathan is a sharp thinker and creative in his approach to problem-solving while being well grounded all the way. He’s an excellent listener who truly took the time (each time) to understand our actual needs and concerns and was very focused on a meaning- and useful outcome for us that could practically take us forward. I can highly recommend Nathan both personally and professionally and greatly appreciate his help at Unified Inbox.”– Toby Ruckert, CEO, Unified Inbox
“Nathan and I were both looking at the impact of technology on workforce effectiveness within our organisations. Nathan’s approach at Intel was deeply insightful and truly inspirational. Nathan is a deep expert in this area and his efforts have ensured that Intel sets the benchmark for global organisations. The approach Nathan established at Intel formed the basis for our strategy at BP to tackle information overload and improve performance for a global workforce through the effective use of technology.”– Claire Hamlin, Head of Learning Technologies, BP
“Nathan loves to solve the puzzle of how humans can thrive using technology – not just warily coexist. His visionary step of creating the Information Overload Research Group is the quintessential example of his willingness to pioneer in this new frontier. Using his breakthrough work on email flow, we’ve already made a great contribution to the lives of our clients. He can fascinate you with his wisdom on so many subjects, and I recommend that you see his presentation on the history of the computer. It will remind you of Carl Sagan describing the cosmos.”– Brad Boyer, Founder, Boyer Communications Group
“Nathan is a visionary, the kind of person that makes everyone else around him better. I had previously worked with Nathan for 8+ years at Intel and often called on him to help me with R&D ideas and solutions to productivity problems. I found his approach to be refreshing, looking beyond the typical IT solutions and approaching the problem from a process improvement orientation first, and IT solution set second. I highly recommend him as an effective partner to solve compelling employee productivity problems.”– Martin Menard, Director, Supply Chain IT, Hewlett-Packard
“I have known Nathan for over 15 years. Throughout our interactions Nathan has proven to be a serious, deep-thinking, highly committed and meticulous professional. His passion for the fields of practical computing, information management and science in general is both admirable and contagious. I witnessed Nathan lead international, cross-corporate efforts on several occasions. He is always focused, creative, calm and deeply thoughtful about his projects. Nathan is a pleasure to work with, and an inspiration. I recommend him warmly!”– Sheizaf Rafaeli, Professor, University of Haifa, Technion, University of Michigan
“Nathan is an outstanding figure in the field of Knowledge Management and a fascinating person altogether. His knowledge is spread across mathematics, hardware design, information overload and even comics. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He is attentive, takes a holistic approach to problem-solving and is gifted with inventive thinking. It’s always a pleasure to engage in conversation with him and you’re sure to come out with priceless insights. His position as one of the top researchers and thought leaders in the Israeli IT market is quite well deserved.”– Alex Balk, IT Architect, IBM
“Writing a recommendation for Nathan Zeldes is easy…. he is one of the finest, most cooperative and intelligent people I have had the pleasure to work with over the last 25 years. Great ideas humbly presented, unthreatening but firm, smart but pleasant, a gentleman in all ways. Would I hire him? Absolutely. Is he someone I can count on in all and any situation? Absolutely!”– Gene Meieran, Senior Fellow, Intel (retired)
“Nathan is a rare breed indeed. Although he belongs to the generation of engineers that defined IT as we know it, his outlook, curiosity and freshness are the envy of people half his age (myself included…). Nathan’s vast experience and knowledge are a huge asset, one that he eagerly shares openly and pleasantly”– Mike Darnell, Project Manager & Marketing, Semantinet
“Nathan gave a lecture for the public as part of Hemda’s Science & Culture program. His lecture about the history of computing was interesting, engaging and very clear. The feedback from the audience was excellent – I gladly recommend Nathan as a lecturer for the public and students.”– Eitan Krein, Science and Culture project manager, Hemda Science Education Centre
“I was Nathan’s direct manager at Intel for about 7 years. During that time, and throughout his Intel career, Nathan distinguished himself as both an innovator and an implementer. Working in the largely unexplored region that exists between information technology and enterprise working culture, Nathan initiated highly original research programs – and then used the results of those programs as the basis for practical application in the workplace. This application often required significant involvement from executives and managers, and Nathan proved to be highly skilled in clearly communicating the results of his research, and in gaining the trust of senior management to become a leader of major behavioral change initiatives. … A tireless, passionate, yet pragmatic leader, Nathan has earned my unqualified highest recommendation.”– Brian Gorman, Principal, Brian Gorman Consulting Services
“Nathan brings incredible enthusiasm, dedication, and insight to Information Technology questions, both at the technical level and the user level. He has an acute sense of productivity hobblers and enhancements, and brings his perspective to meetings, papers, forums, and colloquia in a facile and easy manner. He has been unusually effective in intercontinental projects, which is a testament to his understanding of the value and limitations of various tools.”– Chuck House, Executive Director, Media X at Stanford University
“It has been my privilege to work with Nathan Zeldes, who has truly been one of the guiding lights in the battle against Information Overload… he was many years ahead of others in sounding the alarm and taking substantive action against the problem. He had the prescience to bring together a group of people that led to the creation of the Information Overload Research Group (IORG), an organization dedicated to lowering information pollution across the globe. He continues today to lead the charge as president of IORG.”– Jonathan Spira, CEO and Chief Analyst, Basex
“Being a rare combination of engineer, researcher, consultant, visionary, with excellent communication and people skills, Nathan is a rare asset.”– Daniella Dahan, Service strategies Project Manager, Intel
“Nathan is one of the smartest, most creative and insightful people that I know. His approach is both analytical and humanistic. I strongly endorse him as a colleague and as a friend.”– Bert Cave, IT Director, Intel Corporation