Accomplishments. An exuberant track record of real-world results.

Being a Change Agent and driver of Innovation during three fascinating decades gave Nathan Zeldes ample opportunity (and need!) to deliver interesting results.

We share this page because as you read it you may find unexpected areas where you can partner with Nathan to solve interesting challenges in your organization.

Solving Information Overload
  • Was probably the first person worldwide to identify and address the Information Overload problem at a corporate level.
  • Developed many organizational solutions to reduce email overload, which have been deployed with good results across Intel and in a number of other major companies.
  • Founded (and serving as president of) the Information Overload Research Group, an international Industry/Academia non-profit group working on Information Overload solution R&D.
  • Advised numerous large and small companies worldwide on how to solve IO.
  • Led pilot evaluations in Intel of “No Email Friday” and “Quiet Time”.
  • Developed the “Email Effectiveness Coach”, a real time software tool that helps users achieve productive mailing behavior; and the “Email Wizard”, a web-based best practices training application. Both were put to good use in Intel and in other companies.
  • Published a seminal paper on the impact of Information Overload.
Technical Leadership Development
  • Drove creation of the “IT Technology Community” serving some 3000 IT engineers across Intel.
  • Developed and co-chaired Intel’s first global professional IT conference.
  • Lectured on “Technical Leadership career path” to internal audiences and employee development workshops in a number of companies in Israel and worldwide.
  • Co-developed and coached a week-long “Leading through Technology”  workshop for IT engineers.
  • Initiated and mentored the Learning Center of the Intel Jerusalem campus.
  • Advised Intel groups in Israel and worldwide on the design of programs for career development and mentoring for Individual Contributors.
  • Created and managed the Engineering Training function in Intel’s Jerusalem plant.
  • Coached and mentored numerous individual engineers seeking career advice.
Teaching and Lecturing
  • Developed and delivered hundreds of lectures on diverse subjects to audiences of managers, engineers, educators, students and the community at large.
  • Taught “New Employee Orientation” at Intel University on a regular basis for over 20 years, to continued acclaim.
  • Taught a lecture series for HR managers at a Haifa University MBA course.
  • Developed and delivered a “Global Skills” lecture to workshops on global culture.
  • Serving as a student project advisor in the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
  • Lectures to the “CS, Academia and Industry” high school student program at the Weizmann institute of Science.
Mobility and Work/Life Balance
  • Initiated, developed and drove adoption of the Telecommuting program that is now an integral part of HR practices across Intel Corporation.
  • Played a key role in the transformation of Intel from a Desktop-tethered workplace to a fully mobile Notebook-based environment.
  • Advised a number of companies in Israel, as well as the Israel Civil Service commission, on Telecommuting implementation.
  • Served on the “Distance Working” committee of the Israel telecommunications ministry.
  • Advised Intel product groups on future trends and opportunities in Mobility space.
  • Lectured widely on “Work Anywhere” in various external forums and conferences.
High-tech Startup incubation
  • Served as Intel sponsor of the HiTec business incubator in Jerusalem.
  • Evaluated startups for Intel’s Business Development (VC) arm.
  • Mentored five startup companies over time.
  • Advised over 20 startups from Israel, Europe and America about their product design and business strategy.
  • Served as a member of the Customer Advisory Council of Microsoft’s Innovation Greenhouse.
Internet and Web 2.0 adoption
  • Defined Intel’s Internet policy, including the HR/Legal aspects of balanced personal use, thereby accelerating the company’s adoption and harnessing of the Web’s potential.
  • Facilitated a successful process in a client company’s management aimed to make the transition to “Company 2.0”.
  • Drove Internet assimilation into Intel’s Israel site, including the development of the site’s Intranet presence and user training development and deployment.
  • Increased Internet literacy and employee trust by driving a program of Personal Web page creation, including development of page creation tools and diverse marketing actions.
  • Served on Intel Corporation’s global Intranet advisory board.
  • Published extensively on the external Intel IT blog.
  • Taught a variety of Internet  and Social Media literacy classes at Intel and outside.
Effective Virtual (Distributed) Team collaboration
  • Founded and led Intel’s Virtual Collaboration Research Team, a group of visionaries that identified new collaboration paradigms, defined best practices for effective meetings, and prototyped and patented innovative products for enhancing trust in global teams.
  • Created with the VCRT a web-based training program for Effective Virtual Team meetings, and deployed it across the corporation.
  • Advised a number of large corporations about Collaboration technology.
  • Defined a set of best practices and policies for optimal adoption of Instant Messaging in an enterprise, then developed and deployed the required behavior training program.
  • Ran pilot evaluations of a variety of innovative collaboration tools.
Education and Community Relations
  • Initiated and built Intel’s Academic and Research relations program in Israel, including systems for academic research grants, student scholarships, and extended education for Intel employees.
  • Led a program for training Intel engineers to become volunteer assistant high school teachers.
  • Helped Intel community relations in the design of visitor centers, visitor presentations, events and exhibits, and created the “Century of Computing” exhibit displayed by Intel worldwide.
  • Led the creation of a computer lab at the Hebrew University’s Belmonte center for high school students.
  • Served as curator and scientific advisor in three youth oriented science museum exhibitions.
  • Defined and launched a program for drug abuse education in the schools, in cooperation with the relevant government agencies.
  • Advised colleges, schools and science museums on a variety of education subjects.
  • Represented Intel in the advisory committee of the High Technology college in Nazareth.
  • Led Intel’s involvement in the Junior Achievement program, and taught in it personally.
Knowledge Management
  • Initiated and realized ITshareNet, a joint effort of eight companies and universities that allowed IT practitioners to upload and share complete solutions and research results.
  • Participated in the “Millennium Project”, a collaboration between Intel and other large corporations to explore and cooperate on developing knowledge management strategies.
  • Advised Intel Israel centers on the preservation of knowledge in the face of employee reassignment.
  • Coached workgroups for “The learning organization” in Intel’s Jerusalem manufacturing plant.
  • Developed and applied a formal “Knowledge Packet” methodology for sharing internal knowledge among companies.
  • Member, Israel KM Managers’ Forum.
Innovative Training methods
  • Created and managed the Intel Israel site IT training function, serving over 5000 users.
  • Invented the “Email Effectiveness Coach”, a Just-in-Time training tool integrated with the email client that helps users improve mailing behavior. Used at Intel and by other companies.
  • Developed the “Email Wizard”, a lightweight web-based best practices training application. Used at Intel and by other companies.
  • Co-developed “WizGen”, an application generator that permits rapid creation of Web based training wizard tools. This has been used at Intel and commercialized externally.
  • Developed a rapid flash-based training concept applied at Intel and elsewhere.
  • Developed a Personal Coaching paradigm enabling relatively unskilled personnel to deliver effective one on one IT Productivity training.
Alternative Office paradigms
  • Led the Intel Israel site “Office 2000+” team that examined new workplace paradigms.
  • Led definition and implementation of a meeting center and nomad worker hub in the Tel Aviv area.
  • Defined and implemented a “Virtual Office” solution for location-agnostic mobile employees.
  • Initiated and implemented development of a “Unified Inbox” solution for email-integrated faxing, in support of mobile workers.
  • Advised Intel groups worldwide on alternative office options and lessons.
Total Quality Management
  • Started up and managed the Intel Jerusalem plant’s Q&R department, which was Intel’s first in-plant QA setup and a model for future plants.
  • Introduced the Deming methodology, Baldrige prize requirements and ISO 9000 to Intel’s Israel site, and coached employee groups in Total Quality Management.
  • Developed and deployed a comprehensive Statistical Process Control implementation in a VLSI manufacturing plant.
  • Invented and deployed a Self-Audit system that was then copied across Intel corporation.
  • Implemented and facilitated the 7-step problem solving methodology across Intel’s Jerusalem plant.
  • Coached Quality improvement teams (“Quality Circles”) of manufacturing employees.
Forensic Science
  • Served as lab officer and expert witness on tool marks & materials crime scene evidence.
  • Developed new technologies and methods for the application of Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis to criminal evidence.
  • Brought up and managed a Scanning Electron Microscopy laboratory.
  • Developed and delivered a training program for Crime Scene Technicians nationwide.

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